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2024 Medicare Amounts & IRMAA

This document details the premiums for Medicare Part B and associated IRMAA charges.

2024 Drug Stages & IRMAA

This document outlines the four stages of drug coverage you might experience over the year and includes information on Part D IRMAA.

Extra Help Appeal Form

Use this form if you received a denial letter regarding your 'Extra Help' status but feel that you meet the requirments.

IRMAA Appeal Form

Use this form if you've been notified of an extra charge on your Medicare Part B or prescription coverage due to income (IRMAA) and a major life event could lower this charge.

2024 Medicare and You Book

This is a copy of the official government issued Medicare and You book.

Part B - Easy Pay Form

This form is used to set up automatic payments for the Medicare Part B premium.

Who Pays First

This comprehensive guide explains who pays first when Medicare is combined with other coverage.

Request For Employer Information

This form needs to be filled out and submitted at the same time as the Part B application. This form gives CMS information about your prior coverage in order to determine if it was "creditable."

Medicare Part B Application

This application is to be used to apply for Medicare Part B.

How To Apply For Medicare Online

This Social Security guide walks you through applying for Medicare online.

Medicare and Diabetes

This official government
guide has important
information about:
• What’s covered
• What’s not covered
• Helpful tips to keep you healthy
• Where to get more information

Preventative Benefits

This CMS booklet shows which preventive services Medicare covers and how often.

Kroger Rx Discounts

This document shows a list of which prescription drugs are included in the Kroger Rx Savings Club.

Medicare Savings Program

This document provides information about Financial Assistance Programs for People Covered by Medicare

Explore a curated selection of helpful Medicare documents here. If you can't find what you're looking for or need further assistance, our Medicare Pros are just a click away!

Medicare Documents

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